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Ontario Abandoned Places
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Locations for Mapleton Township
Anglican Pioneer Cemetery 117CemeteryClosed
Breezes Riu Alma 114House or FarmAbandoned
Creekbank Cemetery 112CemeteryHistoric Location
Ebenezer P. Methodist Cemetery 150CemeteryClosed
Hollen (ghost town) 211Ghost TownActive
Moorefield Pioneer Cemetery 112CemeteryClosed
Parker (ghost town) 03Ghost TownUnknown
Potter's Pioneer Cemetery 140CemeteryClosed
Quonset Guy 214House or FarmAbandoned
Sharon Pioneer Cemetery 122CemeteryClosed
St. James Anglican Cemetery 115CemeteryClosed
Stirton (ghost town) 02Ghost TownUnknown
Teviotdale Farm 341House or FarmDemolished
Walker Pioneer Cemetery 222CemeteryClosed
Zion Mennonite Cemetery 128CemeteryClosed
Zion's Hill Pioneer Cemetery 123CemeteryClosed

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