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Ontario Abandoned Places
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Locations for Manitoulin Island
Carter's Bay Nordic Ski House 17House or FarmCollapsed
Clover Valley 110House or FarmUnknown
Do Not Enter- Just Peek 19House or FarmAbandoned
Encased in Concrete 11House or FarmAbandoned
Falling Foundation House 112House or FarmDemolished
Hannah's House 14House or FarmAbandoned
Hidden But Right There 110House or FarmAbandoned
Holy Cross Mission 215Foundations
House near Lake Kagawong 111House or FarmAbandoned
House near Tehkummah 11House or FarmAbandoned
House of Possibilities 13Bridge/LocksAbandoned
House on the Bend 13House or FarmAbandoned
House on the Hill 16House or FarmAbandoned
House with Livestock 11House or FarmAbandoned
Kagawong Collapsed Cabin 19House or FarmUnknown
Kagawong Gas Pump 15CommercialUnknown
Kagawong Mill 113Mill/FoundryAbandoned
Manitoulin (House of Memories) 331House or FarmUnknown
Manitoulin (Wikwemikong) 13House or Farm
Manitoulin House 28House or Farm
Old Farm House 223House or FarmAbandoned
Patchwork of Plywood 17House or FarmAbandoned
Picnic Island Mill Ruins 11FoundationsAbandoned
Red Shack 11House or FarmDemolished
S&J's Restaurant 14CommercialAbandoned
Ten Mile Point House 27House or FarmUnknown
Tolsmaville (ghost town) 14Ghost TownUnknown
Weathered Grey on Blue 430House or FarmAbandoned
Wood Shingle Beauty 112House or FarmAbandoned

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