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Ontario Abandoned Places
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Locations for Haldimand County
1 of 3 on Hwy 15House or FarmAbandoned
1800's Stone House Foundation 217FoundationsAbandoned
Abandoned Church?? 864ChurchAbandoned
Baptist Church 118ChurchHistoric Location
Big white house 330House or FarmAbandoned
Blue Home 19House or FarmAbandoned
BuRnOuT 13139House or FarmAbandoned
Canborough House 17House or FarmUnknown
Canborough pioneer Cemetery 125CemeteryClosed
Cayuga Speedway 120RecreationalActive
Cheapside Baptist ChurchCemetery 134CemeteryClosed
Chrysler-Rockport Cemetery 122CemeteryClosed
Clear Creek Farm House 112House or FarmAbandoned
Fruit of the Vine 444House or FarmAbandoned
Grand Inn 534Motel/HotelAbandoned
Green Hut and Stable 114BarnAbandoned
Hagersville 336House or FarmAbandoned
Haldimand County Farm House 16House or FarmAbandoned
Hutchinson Honey Bees 113House or FarmAbandoned
Hwy House 250House or FarmAbandoned
Kings Row Cabin 19House or FarmDemolished
Lock 27 (1829-1920) 15Bridge/LocksHistoric Location
Loner Shack 114House or FarmAbandoned
Long Pioneer Cemetery 113CemeteryClosed
Mount Healy Cemetery 110CemeteryAbandoned
Native Ash 216House or FarmAbandoned
Nature Take's Back 14House or FarmAbandoned
Niece Home & Out Buildings 365House or FarmAbandoned
Old Farm House- Canfield 222House or FarmAbandoned
Rainham Pioneer Cemetery 118CemeteryClosed
Riverbank Deficiencies 19House or FarmAbandoned
S.S. No.2 Warpole 1872 148EducationalRepurposed
Solar Farmhouse 112House or FarmAbandoned
The Kiegler Haus 769House or FarmAbandoned
The Stakes Are In 339House or FarmDemolished
Townsend (galleries) 311Ghost TownActive
Under a Mohawk Turbine 18House or FarmAbandoned
Wile E's 121House or FarmAbandoned
Zore Pioneer Cemetery 221CemeteryClosed

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