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Ontario Abandoned Places
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Locations for Grey County
African Pioneer Cemetery 342CemeteryClosed
Butters Cemetery 123CemeteryAbandoned
Carmel Methodist 114CemeteryHistoric Location
Chatsworth 780House or FarmAbandoned
Demolition Man 235House or FarmAbandoned
Farmed Out in Chesley 126House or FarmDemolished
Grey Farmhouse 227House or FarmAbandoned
Grey on Grey 116House or FarmAbandoned
Holstein Pioneer Cemetery 18CemeteryClosed
Neustadt Pioneer Cemetery 226CemeteryClosed
Not So Sunny 112House or FarmAbandoned
Old Methodist Church 214CemeteryActive
Peabody 15House or FarmAbandoned
Positively a Dump 114House or FarmAbandoned
Priceville Pioneer Cemetery 244CemeteryClosed
Red Caboose Cabin 111RailwayAbandoned
Station is Closed 418CommercialAbandoned
Taito House 328House or FarmAbandoned
The Legend of Mary Rutherford 121CemeteryAbandoned
The Proton Hillbillies 137House or FarmAbandoned
Unknown Community 112Ghost TownAbandoned
Wilder Family Cemetery 123CemeteryAbandoned

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