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Creation Date: 1/1/2006
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Britton Bath Osler (1839–1901) was a famous Canadian criminal lawyer, and also the crown attorney at the trial of Louis Riel on charges of treason. He founded the law firm of Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt.

Mr. Osler was also a prominent figure in early Hamilton. When his wife, Caroline, began to suffer ailing health, Osler decided in 1893, to build the 15-room Osler 'Castle' near the Town of Blue Mountain. Mr. Osler hoped that the 'fresh air' would improve her health.

Caroline named this summer home "Kionontio", a Petun Indian word for 'top of the hill'. Unfortunately Mrs. Osler's time in her new home was brief as she died in 1896. Mr. B.B. Osler later remarried and spent a few summers at the castle. He died in 1901 and the empty house was left to deteriorate.

Adiary excerpt from the early 1900's read as follows: "while working in that area, I along with a group of friends made several visits to the property on Sunday outings. Not only wre all the furnishings gradually being stolen, but people were helping themselves to the stone work as well. However, I assure you, we were not among the vandals."

While the property is owned by Castle Glen Estates development of the area has been stalled by environmental assessments. The reason is that there is an ecologically sensitive lake in close proximity to the site. It is hoped that this structure will be saved from demolotion.

Directions: Take Mountain Road (New Mountain Road on a map - Grey Road 19 on the street sign). Just past Osler Lane there is a hill. Go up the hill and look for a grassy road on the right. You'll have to walk in from here - about 10-15 minute walk... The brick part of the chimney has fallen since the pictures were taken on this web page.

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that-girl says:
1/2/2012 3:00:57 PM
I'd like to check this place out if it is still around?
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Britton Osler's original home plaque